27 Feb 2012

Film Noir dreams

Large scale prints made with graphite , spray paint, conte crayon and black rotaring pen . Taken from book format. The prints aim to  depict  control and  gravitational forces within the human psyche . I am heavily influenced at the moment by german expressionist cinematography and film noir imagery.

photo etching

Series of photo etchings which i am in the process of manipulating by burning and staining in the sun - they will make up a book when i have finished them

Worm finished

This is the finished edit for the Worm project , it is going to be the poster for the promotion of the film and the cover for the dvd

6 Feb 2012


Edited worm drawing

More Worm work

Drawings for worm 

Work for Worm Project

Im working on a friends film project to come up with some cover art . The project is called Worm , inspiration - 80s b movies , havent quite got there yet ... to be continued


A portrait of a very special man for a very special friend