21 Jan 2014

Lemons done with I draw on ipad

Quinces done on ipad with I draw  

30 Apr 2012


My dads poem


The beginings of a book series i am working on currently

2 Apr 2012

Grasping at the duplicity of reality

Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead. We must therefore accept it without complaint when they sometimes collide with a bit of reality against which they are dashed to pieces - Sigmund Freud

Threshold conciousness

Winding, and unwinding we go, through our selves, going one way we are ourselves, the other way, what are we? The art of ourselves? images, dreams, stories, fantasies, memories? Can we rub against our art selves as we wind around, like serpents, and let some of the pigment brush off on us? And look, where the pigment rubbed off, the skin becomes transparent, and we see through it, to another world. Much more vast. And it's looking at you.”

My hand is holdier than thy hand

Sandblasted acrylic monoprint , mixed media


13 Mar 2012


Another Floating head to add to the collection

When the sky fell into the sun

Conte Crayon , oil pastel , Graphite , gouache , linseed oil


Drawing through water and afterwards allowing the paper to become water damaged so as to take on the concept further  - focusing on the space around the facial features thinking of them as solid shapes . Refraction of light bending the perspective , distorting and elongating the features  . Graphite on un-treated newsprint paper .

27 Feb 2012

Film Noir dreams

Large scale prints made with graphite , spray paint, conte crayon and black rotaring pen . Taken from book format. The prints aim to  depict  control and  gravitational forces within the human psyche . I am heavily influenced at the moment by german expressionist cinematography and film noir imagery.

photo etching

Series of photo etchings which i am in the process of manipulating by burning and staining in the sun - they will make up a book when i have finished them

Worm finished

This is the finished edit for the Worm project , it is going to be the poster for the promotion of the film and the cover for the dvd